Friday, October 11, 2013

God, You got this one.

Trusting is something that's really hard to do sometimes.

There are some things that are easier than others when it comes to trusting. For example, it's relatively easy for me to trust that my handy-dandy phone alarm will wake me up at 8:17 every morning, playing "High of 75" by Relient K. I trust that. But it's a little harder to trust in areas regarding Vocations, vocations, picking colleges, choosing career paths and other major life decisions. Why is that? Because we're dealing with LIFE here — the big picture. Scary...

But here's the good news: The Big Man Upstairs is really good at planning out and the big picture. I mean, that's sort what He does, creating and planning and carrying out good in the universe. That's a huge job right there. But that's why God has that job, not you or me.

He's got it planned. We just need to ask Him for peace. We just need to tell Him, "God, You got this one. Your will be done." And He'll be on it like Nutella on a bagel.

I learned from Fr. Jim Sichko that It just takes TRUST:

Try it out

It makes sense, and it's not too hard at all! We've gotta give God some of our time to talk with Him. It's the least we can do considering all He does for us. When we spend time with Him, we start to build a relationship with Him — like a real friend. We then start to understand that He wants nothing less than the best for us, and that He'll help us be the best versions of ourselves if we surrender, and give the reigns over to him. So that's all stinkin' great and all, but we finally have to try it out, and actually make it happen.

Trying it out can happen in so many different ways. It might be praying the Morning Offering when you wake up everyday to tell God he has control of your day. It might be just telling him "This one's all You, God" before you make a tough decision. There are tons of ways to trust Him.

Our lives can be so much less stressful if we just let God do what He does best. It's hard sometimes, but it's so worth it.

God's got this one.